Ultimate PXF Series


The Ultimate-1PXF not only incorporates Sound Lab's latest electrostatic panel and electronic technologies, it also incorporates a massive steel frame to protect and preserve the critical tolerances of the electrostatic panel. The heavy duty frame employs three-inch diameter steel support posts that are solidly connected together with 1/2" thick steel brackets, terminating at floor level with spikes for solid floor coupling. The high reactive mass of the framework eliminates frame vibrations, thus eliminating frame resonance and insuring that all sonic energy is converted to music.  Further, the Ultimate-1PXF includes Bass-Focus technology that increases bass dynamics by more than 6dB.

The massive steel frame of the U-1PX not only provides technical benefits, but it also manifests a unique space-age beauty. A wide range of finishes and grille fabrics are available.

MSRP: $45,190/pair
Specifications follow:


Frequency response:
24 Hz to ultrasonics
Audio power (min/max):
50/600 watts (music power)
Radiating area:
2350 square inches
Horizontal dispersion:
45 degrees (full spectrum)
Vertical dispersion:
Projected field of panel height
Impedance (nominal):
8 ohms
89 dB/1W/1m
Bias power supply:
117/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 watts

High frequency
Mid frequency
Bass level
D.C. Bias
Height x Width x Depth:
84" x 43 3/4" x 10"
(32 1/4" at base)
Weight (per speaker)
272 pounds
Standard: micro-textured
black polane paint (shown in photo).
Other finishes and fabrics are available.